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John Wayne Parr


In 1994, the late Ruben Urquidez came to Australia with his nephew Aaron Urquidez to fight for the ISKA Amateur Kickboxing World Title in the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Ruben is the brother of renowned martial arts expert "Benny The Jet" Urquidez.


Ruben joined forces with ISKA representative Lucy Tui to form the Dual Amateur World Title, WKBF. Lucy stepped forward as the head promoter for WKBF in the Oceania region and the WKBF was born. The federation went on to become the new sanctioning body in Australia and New Zealand. 

Over the years, WKBF has taken fighters all over the world, from The Middle East to New Zealand. Today, they are one of the most respected amateur federations in the country, with fighters specialising in K.1, Kickboxing, Full Thai, Mod Thai and MMA. 

At the WKBF, we take pride in our Amateur Pathways program, which has helped to shape some of the best fighters in the world. This includes Mark Hunt, Peter Graham, Steve Jez, Neilson Taione, the Mckinnon brothers, the Badato brothers, Chris Johnson and jason suttie (who won 3 world wkbf titles in 3 different weight divisions). We've also set the stage for professional fights for 12 time world champion kickboxer John Wayne Parr and 8 time world kickboxing champion "Stan the Man" Longinidis, who both were victorious in their quest for IWKBF world titles.

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