Welcome to the new website of the International WKBF! Here you will find information about the history and rules of the WKBF, as well as Registration/Medical forms to download. The International WKBF is a santioning body for combat sports worldwide. It is headed by Lucy SassenTui in Australia. Upcoming WKBF shows include Elite Fight Night, on July 16 at Penrith Panthers…


History of international WKBF

The World Kick Boxing Federation was founded in Los Angeles in 1993 by Rueben Urquidez (brother of the world famous Benny “the Jet” Urquidez). The WKBF was introduced to Australia in 1994, when Aaron Urquidez fought Neilson Taione for the Co-sanctioned ISKA and International WKBF World Amateur Superheavyweight Title. Due to the politics with ISKA at the time, Ms Lucy SassenTui (who had formerly headed the ISKA sanctioning body in Australia), was asked to be the representative for International WKBF for the Oceania and Asia region, to promote the International WKBF. Rueben Urquidez has since retired from the sport, and left the worldwide running of the WKBF to Ms Lucy SassenTui of Australia.

In the ensuing 16 years, the International WKBF has grown strength to strength. It has supported kickboxing, Mod-Thai, K1, Full Thai Rules and Boxing in Australia and abroad. Over the past 6 years, it has been promoting MMA and Cage Fighting in NSW and Queensland. The International WKBF’s biggest acollade in the sport was when WKBF titleholder Mark Hunt won the K1 Grand Prix 2001 in the Tokyo Dome – widely seen to be the sport’s pinnacle of acheivement. More recently, WKBF MMA Oceania champion, Jamie Tehuna, signed a 3 fight contract with UFC in 2010.

Famous names in the sport that hold, or have held International WKBF titles in Australia/New Zealand have been Mark Hunt, Stan “The Man” Loginidis, Michael Zambidis, Nathan Corbett, Angie Parr, Jason Suttie, Peter Graham, the McKinnon brothers, the Badato brothers, the Tehuna brothers, Steve Jez, Mark May, Neilson Taione, Greg Foley, Baris Nezif, Chris Johnson, Shane Meads, Dragomir Dubocanin, Mohammad Eddine, Mohamad Saharan, and many more – both former legends, and current up-and-comers.

The International WKBF is happy to annouce our new Vice President Mr Glen Baragry who has a wealth of experience as a fighter, trainer, manager in the sport.